Not your average Asian blog !


A B O U T   M E

Keeping it short & simple 23. Virgo. I’m a 90s baby with the soul of an 80s hip hop baby. Started watching Asian dramas in 2014. First Asian drama My Love Patzzi. I don’t have a top 5 for actresses because I love soo I watch faithfully. I rarely have second lead syndrome.I am a firm believer in dropping dramas. I’m always changing my Top 5 dramas. 2016 was a year of first for me. 1st time watching ongoing dramas of multiple countries. 1st time with a full week of ongoing dramas. 1st time finishing all the dramas I was watching.  I love music no matter the language. Currently addicted to K-pop. I only have 2 K-pop girl groups I like. I like K- pop girl solo artist better. My ultimate bias is BTS. I live and die by my Kindle. Tupac, Nas, &  J.Cole are my musical soulmates. This is my first blog. I will be talking and about my favorite dramas, my favorite actors & actress, &&& my love for Asian music. Welcome my Lovelies hope you enjoy !! 


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